Workers Compensation Transcription Services

Employers are required by law to have workers compensation insurance to cover employees who become injured on the job. The insurance provides wage replacement payments and medical services to the employee who is unable to work in exchange for not suing their employer.

Because of the serious legal and medical nature of employee work injuries, attorneys will review the claim and recorded testimonies will be taken. Text transcripts of these recordings for case files almost always require workers compensation transcription services.

eWord Solutions Offers Workers Compensation Transcription Services For:

  • Disability Claims
  • Initial Injury Reports
  • Follow-up Claims
  • Insurance Reports
  • Independent Medical Examination (IME)
  • Witness and Claimant Statements
  • Deposition Summaries
  • Medical Records Summaries

Because of the high volume of workers comp paperwork, it’s often necessary to outsource recordings to be transcribed.

eWord Solutions is unique among many outsourced services in that all of our transcriptions are performed in the United States, without relying on transcriptionists in other countries to cut costs.

It’s important to keep legal and medical records in the U.S. to avoid violating confidentiality and HIPAA laws. We take confidentiality seriously and our clients respect our conviction to protecting their documents.

We also take pride in our relentless pursuit of accuracy with all of our work, which is something that is oftentimes missing in offshore typing and transcription. Our “Quality Assurance Safety Net” ensures that work is double and tripled checked for accuracy by a professional transcriptionist (not a machine or computer algorithm).

In addition to utilizing U.S. transcriptionists, we match our personnel by industry, and our clients know their workers compensation testimony will be transcribed by an expert in that field.

Our proprietary system makes it effortless for attorneys and human resources professionals to upload files to be transcribed or review previous files.

We are the only transcription company that allows you to use your own branded letterhead, forms and templates to:

1. Custom-tailor your document workflow process

2. Create official documents and forms

3. For eOffice clients, efile directly to your state’s workers compensation electronic file system (if available)

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Although we offer a fast turnaround on all orders (2 to 24 hours), we also have muliple checks and balances in place to assure that each document is correct and accurate before returning it to the client.

Once we receive each file, it is routed to an experienced workers compensation transcriber who analyzes the video or audio recording. Because we match our personnel to their field of expertise, our services are unmatched in speed and precision.

eWord Solutions’ workers comp transcription prices differ from the way other companies charge for their services. Our clients prefer that we charge by the word instead of the minute because it offers a better value. We never charge for false starts or gaps in a conversation that can create long testimonial recordings with very little dialogue.

We Offer Several Dictation Capture Methods

  • eWord Apple IOS and Android Dictation App
  • Phone in Dictation
  • Digital Handheld Recorders
  • Direct Computer/Phone Dictation
  • 3rd Party Phone Apps

Our eOffice Document Management Service offers extended features and reduces costly administrative staff work by taking your final transcribed documents to the next stage of the case.

You can dictate directly to the eWord Transcription Service and our staff will transcribe, mail, and even eFile your documents right on your own templates 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our clients are never locked into a lengthy contract and our high retention rate is a testament to our fast, accurate services for legal, medical, and workers compensation transcription services.

Visit our main Transcription Services page for a complete explanation of our services.