Starting with eWord Solutions cannot be easier. All you have to do is create a new account on the website here to get started. After you set up your new account you’ll be able to take advantage of all of the benefits and features EWS has to offer.
After you have opened an account on the website, you will be ready to upload your dictations for transcription. You simply login to your EWS account on and follow the simple prompts for uploading. With our online system you can upload as many as 5 dictations at a time. Once your dictations are in our system, simply wait 2 to 48 hours and we will return your typed and proofed transcription to you by e-mail.
Immediately. As soon your EWS account has been created you can begin to upload your dictation files through the website.
All you need to use is a computer and an Internet connection. That’s it. No other equipment is needed to upload your dictation files to us.
The EWS website does the heavy lifting of transferring files for you. When you’re ready to use EWS, simply login to your account and you will then see 3 options. Select “Place a New Order,” and then you will be redirected to a form which will enable you to upload your first 5 dictation files at once.
Pricing also depends on how fast and comprehendible someone actually speaks…
No. There is never an extra cost or fee associated with EWS transcription services.
Yes. Please call EWS for more information about our loyalty and rewards programs for repeat customers.
No shipping of work overseas, no outsourcing of work. Our customer service is of the highest quality you can expect to receive. We really do care about the quality of our work.
Yes. Please call for more details about rush jobs.
Our secure server contains the highest level encryption available on the Internet. Moreover, all of our work is performed within the continental United States. As soon as you hire a company that outsources your transcription, you run the risk of having your private data (or your client’s private data) lost to identity and data theft.
The entire United States including Hawaii and Alaska, as well as Canada.
eWord Solutions is always looking for the best transcribers in the business. If you feel you are the best, please send your resume to