Transcription Services

Taken at face value, it might appear that all transcription services companies offer the same thing. Only after closely examining the details does it become clear that eWord Solutions offers a superior product that is unmatched in the transcription industry.

What Sets eWord Solutions Transcription Services Apart From the Competition?

Made in USA

eword-transcription-servicesWe’re proud of the fact that all of our transcriptions take place in the United States, but it’s more than our pride that matters most to your company.

While many other transcription service companies farm out their work overseas to India or the Philippines, this can have serious implications on your company and the final product you receive back.

The lack of accuracy is the first thing that comes to mind and is an obvious cause for concern. Speaking by phone with an overseas call center is often difficult because of the language barrier, but that barrier can become a blockade for transcription accuracy.

Although there are many people in other countries who speak English, it becomes apparent in a transcript that English is not their preferred language. We are often contracted to fix transcriptions that were apparently sent overseas. Beware of transcription companies that masquerade as U.S. based companies, but still send work outside the country to be transcribed.

More importantly, once intellectual property leaves the boundaries of the United States, all protection is lost and all confidentiality could be compromised.

Every day, data stolen through transcription work often includes names, addresses, employer information, tax ID numbers, driver’s license numbers, and social security numbers. Do you want your sensitive information to be seen by the wrong people knowing that most transcription companies send their work overseas to be transcribed?

Believe it or not, there is a huge black market for personal information from U.S. companies that generates billions of dollars in profits for identity and data thieves. Not to mention those who might use your private information to illegally gain entrance to the United States.

The most important factor to consider is you might be breaking the law by using an international transcription service if you’re required to be HIPAA compliant. That’s right – sending your dictated work overseas may not be HIPAA compliant. If you rely on Medical or Legal transcription services, this is something you should never overlook.

eWord Solutions guarantees that your information will never leave the jurisdiction of the United States and we certify that all of your information and personal data will remain strictly confidential.

Quick Return and Accurate Transcription Results

Do you really want to proofread and edit your transcribed documents when they’re returned to you? We didn’t think so, which is why we always place a high emphasis on accuracy.

Many of our transcribers have been with us since the beginning, and they are seasoned professionals who are the best in the business.

One thing that sets us apart from the competition is we match the typist with the industry specialization. Our medical transcribers are experienced in the medical field. The same is true for legal, workers compensation, and all of our other specialties.

Having a clear understanding of their field of expertise translates to faster and more accurate transcriptions without the need of spending extra time researching specific words or topics. Our clients are always impressed by the speed and accuracy of our work, particularly with highly specialized content.

Pricing By The Word, Not The Minute, So You Don’t Pay For Air

Look around at the transcription service prices of other companies. They’re quite happy to publish their prices and some will even tell you they do that because they want to be completely transparent.

While a noble thought, what they don’t tell you is they’re also charging you for dead air. We’ve been in the business long enough to know that many people dictate at a very slow rate while trying to gather their thoughts. They also speak with a lot of false starts – words like “um,” or “uh,” and others that aren’t really words. These false starts actually extend the length of the audio to be transcribed.

eWord Solutions is unique to the industry in that we charge by the word and not the minute, so you’re only charged according to what you dictate. This actually saves you money in the long run, especially if you have long documents, or a lot of them. We also never charge for false starts.

To verify our billing charges, simply look at the word count on your document when you receive it back from us and multiply it by the word rate. Our clients appreciate being able to validate the charges and our “real” level of transparency.

eWord Solutions Specializes in the Following Transcription Services: