Complete Document Workflow Solution

Increased Efficiency Saves You Time & Money

Outsourcing your document processing and filing (electronic and mail) to eWord Solutions™ increases profitability by freeing up your staff for higher value tasks, mission-critical activities and most importantly, new business development.

Customer Service Excellence

Our primary goal at eWord Solutions™ is to deliver an excellent customer experience for every one of our clients. We truly become an extension of your team, providing customized solutions to address your very specific needs. Our highly trained support team works 24/7 to perform and deliver for you.

Scalable Solution to Meet Your Needs

The eWord Solutions™ staff is ready to handle increases in your workload without compromising efficiency and quality of service. No need to hire additional staff to handle low-value activities that are hurting your bottom line.

It’s Time to Focus on Growing Your Business

eOffice™ enables law firms like yours to eliminate inefficient staffing on low-value, non-revenue generating tasks and projects. Increase cash flow today by “repurposing” your staff to get more cases closed quickly and effectively. And all this for a fraction what you are currently paying out in salaries and other HR costs.

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Increase Productivity & Profitability Today with eOffice

Increasing the efficiency of your business or practice by outsourcing routine transcription and document workflow to eWord Solutions™ saves money.
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Benefits of eOffice Document Workflow Solutions

Whether you are using eWord Solutions™ or another company for legal transcription, eOffice is still your solution of choice for Document Workflow efficiency. eOffice™ also accepts typed or handwritten letters & documents in lieu of professionally transcribed documents.

Once your documents are received, we will input the data directly into your own business management software (such as ProLaw, Abacus or MyCase). Depending on your firm’s location, we will file your documents using your state government’s eFiling system (a huge time and cost saver for you and your staff).

List of Preparation Services

  • Notice of Hearing
  • Transmittal Letters for mailing or faxing
  • Letters to adjusters, attorneys, lien claimants, employers and WCAB
  • Pleadings & Orders
  • Settlement Documents: Compromise and Release, Stipulations
  • Proof of Services
  • Answers
  • Notice of Representation
  • All doctor letters including AME, QME, Advocacy with standard attorney language inserted
  • Notice of Change of Address
  • Budgets
  • Memos
  • Lien Affidavits
  • Award Cover Sheets when dictated
  • File and Serve of Medicals, Orders and Settlement Agreements
  • Standard Form Letters – attorney specific, created, edited and mailed
  • Update of diary dates when requested
  • Any special Projects such as NOI Memos with accompanying service of NOI, Service of Change of Firm Name with POS, Change of Address for offices prepared and served with POS

Filing Services

  • eFiling (based on your location)
  • Mailing
  • Faxing
  • Emailing

Other services (additional fees may apply)

  • Medical Indexing
  • Setting medical appointments
  • Scheduling depositions with notice being sent
  • Filing DORs to set cases on calendar & preparing the Notice of Hearing to all parties and other tasks upon request