eWord Solutions™ has distinguished itself as an industry leader in the area of dictation and transcription services. One reason for its widespread appeal is the convenience of the eWord submission process. No other service offers an easier, more reliable method.

eWord Solutions™ takes a personalized approach to the process, allowing you to submit your dictation according to individual preference. Attorneys and other professionals can choose from many different ways to upload information to our system:

  • Mobile Devices such as iPhones or Android phones using the eWord App
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Land Line Call-In dictation
  • Desktop PC-based Voice Recording Software such as GoldWave, Mixcraft, WavePad, and Blaze Media Pro.
  • Upload any audio or video file, including AVI, MP3, WAV, MPEG-2, Mov, MP4

Clearly, the choices for submitting your dictation are virtually limitless.

No matter which submission method is selected, however, you can be sure the privacy and confidentiality of your sensitive materials will be fully protected 24/7. Unlike many other services, eWord Solutions™ performs all transcription and document processing right here in USA, carefully monitoring each step from start to finish. Indeed, this method requires considerable attention to detail. Nevertheless, it costs no more than the same process carried out in less secure overseas regions. Why risk a security breach when there’s absolutely nothing to gain? eWord Solutions™ provides you with cost saving efficiency and trusted security.

Our team of transcriptionists is well trained in the medical and legal industries, especially in the workers’ compensation field; however, virtually any field requiring dictation and transcription services can benefit from eWord Solutions.™ These include healthcare, law enforcement, insurance, education, engineering, as well as corporate environments for meetings, forums and discussion panels.

Don’t leave your dictation to chance. Submit your dictation eWord Solutions™ for assured high quality transcription, performed and proofed by legal professionals right here in the United States.